Vilebrequin x JRP|Editions

by Vilebrequin x JRP|Editions

Vilebrequin and JRP|Editions joined each other for a new “art”venture which will see acclaimed international artists widen their horizons, inviting us to reconsider the creative possibilities of a swimsuit.

Curated by Lionel Bovier, Director of MAMCO Geneva and Arnaud Hubert, CEO of JRP|Editions, this wide-ranging offering swimsuits, ready-to-wear, and accessories brings together artists with radically different voices who share a common interest in how their work can translate to textile.

Vilebrequin’s unmatched printing expertise and particular attention to quality ensure every piece in the collection maintains the integrity of the original. Presented as precious collector’s volumes with their own hardcovers, the Artist Editions just as easily belong on your bookshelf as they do in your suitcase.

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John M Armleder

John M Armleder is a Swiss performance artist, painter, and sculptor who has spent four decades developing his own creative vocabulary by mixing mediums, techniques, and movements—“a supermarket of forms,” as he calls it. Teaming an extraordinary visual culture with delegation principles and chance procedures, he exploits the tension between mastery and randomness. His body of work stretches from abstraction to appropriation, and installation to multiples.

Sylvie Fleury

Since the early 1990s, Swiss artist Sylvie Fleury has been exploring the crossovers between art, fashion, tuning, and the New Age aesthetic. By customizing objects borrowed from mainstream culture, she forces viewers to reassess the notions of value, fetishized luxury, and gendered consumption. With strong ties to Conceptualism, her artistic practice covers sculpture, performance, painting, and installation.

As Lionel Bovier explains: “We wanted to curate a collection that would allow us to explore as many voices and designs as possible. This meant bringing together artists with radically different approaches, but who share an interest in how their work can migrate from the canvas or walls to textile. They are united by a common thread: the power of their work, the clarity of their artistic language, and the integrity with which Vilebrequin handled their projects.”

At a time when the eyes are free to travel to places the feet can’t always get to, the relationship between Vilebrequin and JRP|Editions feels particularly meaningful. Early on in the pandemic, Vilebrequin CEO Roland Herlory and Arnaud Hubert, accompanied by Lionel Bovier recognized the potential for creating swimsuits with artists—essential for anyone dreaming of the coast and finding freedom again!