Care & Maintenance


Unroll your lithograph

Keeping your lithograph rolled in the tube for too long can make it more difficult to flatten upon framing. We recommend that you frame your artwork as soon as possible or keep it in a flat package to avoid any distortion of your print.

Sun damage

Our lithographs are made with high-quality paper and pigments. However, we would recommend that you avoid leaving any lithograph exposed to direct sunlight as it may cause fading over the time. If you wish to place your print in direct sunlight, then we recommend using conservation or archival glass that will protect your print against harmful UV rays.


We recommend you to choose a neutral frame color to highlight the lithograph. The use of UV acrylic glass is highly recommended in order to avoid the print colors fading.

There are generally two ways to frame your lithograph: it can be framed full bleed or floated.

Full-bleed framing means that your print is framed directly to the edge. It is the easiest way to frame, but the hand cut edges will be hidden by the edge of the frame.

Floated framing raises the lithograph in front of the mat board behind it. This technique allows the lithograph to be perfectly highlighted. Since our lithographs are hand cut, we recommend leave a margin of at least 3cm (1,18 inch) around the lithograph in order to highlight the paper edge.

Another framing technique fixes the lithograph between two sheets of glass in order to see both the front and back perfectly. A border can be left between the lithograph and the frame.