The Night of Lead

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Monographs & Artists’ Books

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Agustín Pérez RubioMadeleine Schuppli

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Agustín Pérez RubioBeatrix RufKlaus BiesenbachMadeleine Schuppli

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248 x 315 mm

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288 colors

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May 2010

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May 2010

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New monograph

Exhaustive monograph devoted to the Swiss artist (*1963) who has lived in New York for several years.

Using photography, video, painting, drawing, sculpture, sound, and text by turns, Rondinone is a virtuoso of forms and techniques. Developing surprising sensorial environments, he especially likes destabilizing our perceptions and unsettling our certainties. Rearranging content and formal elements through a personal poetic filter while taking directly from the outside world, he draws us into a synesthetic experience.

This monograph recreates this work in all its richness, documenting all pieces since 2005, organized by typologies.

Published with Aargauer Kunsthaus, Aarau, and MUSAC, León.