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Beatrix Ruf

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Beatrix RufBettina FunckeFia BackströmJay SandersJohanna BurtonJohn KelseyJosh Smith

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216 x 280 mm

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50 colors and 120 b/w

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April 2007

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A new scene in New York

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A new scene in New York

Wade Guyton (*1972, Indiana), Seth Price (*1973, Jerusalem), Josh Smith (*1976, Tennessee) and Kelley Walker (*1969, Georgia) are four artists living in New York. They squeeze canvases through ink-jet printers, paint over digitally altered images from the media with chocolate, scan freshly chopped fruits and vegetables, make recycling emblems into gold plate sculptures: in a variety of ways they propose a new reading of the 1980s appropriation generation. They do not form a group, despite the collaborative works of Guyton/Walker and the joint projects they regularly launch. Based on an exhibition by the four artists at the Kunsthalle Zurich, this publication is another of these collaborative works, neither a monograph nor a group exhibition catalogue. Designed by Jospeh Logan in close collaboration with the artists.

Published with Kunsthalle Zurich.