Wer drei Mal die gleiche Bar betritt

hat ein Zuhause im Stehen

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Hapax Series

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October 2006

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The fabric of displacement

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The fabric of displacement

The photographs of Shirana Shahbazi and the texts of the novelist Judith Kuckart are here combined to create a dialogue about wonder, displacement, and borders. It tells a story of boundaries allegorically—as the difference between not understanding and not-understanding-albeit-willing-to-understand—visually as the notation of transience—the constant displacement as a state-of-being—and as a book itself as the space in-between words and images.

Judit Kuckart, born in 1959 in Schwelm, lives and works as a writer and a theater director in Berlin and Zurich. Shirana Shahbazi, born 1974 in Tehran, lives and works in Zurich.