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Lionel BovierMariska Nietzman

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John C. WelchmanLynne CookeTony Oursler

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280 x 270 mm

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111 colors and 75 b/w

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August 2008

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Retrospective monograph

While Oursler’s position as a forerunner in video art is well established, his two-dimensional works have always been an essential part of his creative process. He describes his drawings and works on paper as a series of perceptions, scenes, delusions, and diagrams that are a free association of ideas and themes informing his work in video. A diary of his conceptualization process, Oursler uses drawing, painting, and collage as a means of remembering, associating, or layering thoughts. The studies, sketches, and panels explore the supernatural, methods of mass communication, the history and development of media technology, and their effect on the human psyche.

This book offers a chronology of Oursler’s two-dimensional work over the past ten years, showcasing his early paintings, painting on sculpture, painting with collage, and the combination of video with the painted panel.

Published with the Lehmann Maupin Gallery, New York.