Spelling Dystopia

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Christoph KellerMaroan el SaniNina Fischer

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Mami Kataoka

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210 x 285 mm

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84 colors and 46 b/w

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May 2012

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Artist's book

The publication shows the process of developing and realizing the film installation “Spelling Dystopia,” about the Japanese island Hashima, once the most densely populated place on earth, a coal mine until 1974, and a symbol today of a ruthless exploitation of resources. Nowadays the abandoned island is better known as a ghost island through mangas, video games, and movies. “Spelling Dystopia” asks how memory operates, how a site wears its history, both physically and metaphorically, and visualizes the shift in collective memory.

The book contains sketches, research material, production stills, series of photographic images, and a manga realized in collaboration with Kasuga Tsubaki, a Japanese manga artist.

The publication is part of the series of artists’ projects edited by Christoph Keller.