Some Scenic Views

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Monographs & Artists’ Books

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Christoph Keller

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Russell Ferguson

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215 x 302 mm

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95 colors

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August 2010

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First monograph

“Some Scenic Views”—the title of Philipp Lachenmann’s first monograph—reflects his work’s camouflage strategy. Presenting 80 photographs of unspectacular views, the book reveals the process of hiding complex meaning behind a surface of normalcy. With a series of short texts, Russell Fergusson brings to the fore those hidden facts of historical, political, natural, or scientific nature. He thus reveals Lachenmann’s photographs for what they truly are: conceptual artworks. This book inscribes itself in the German artist’s body of works as a kind of picture novel rather than a monograph.

The publication is part of the series of artists’ projects edited by Christoph Keller.