Socialist Architecture: The Vanishing Act

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Srdjan Jovanovic WeissTobia Bezzola

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Philip UrsprungSrdjan Jovanovic WeissTobia Bezzola

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January 2012

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Exploring the socialist ruins

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Exploring the socialist ruins

“Socialist Architecture: The Vanishing Act” is a collaborative project between photographer Armin Linke and architect Srdjan Jovanovic Weiss. Weiss and Linke have worked together since 2009 to visit and document selected examples of ex-Yugoslav Socialist architecture in order to document the state that they are in today. The Socialist Federation of Yugoslavia vanished during the early 1990s and the former Socialist states were Balkanized into a number of emerging democracies. Each of these new states inherited monuments, buildings, landscapes, and infrastructure, which were constructed specifically for the former Socialist context and needs. After Yugoslavia vanished, most of the inherited architecture was left vacant and in a state of limbo between being repurposed and reused for new content, or simply being declared Socialist archeology, and continuing its life as ruins. By creating documentation, “Socialist Architecture: The Vanishing Act” captures the indecision of five particular emerging democracies today: Croatia, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Montenegro, Macedonia, and Serbia, and the distinct effects their irresolution creates spatially and visually on former Yugoslav architecture.

Published with Codax Publishers, Zurich.