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Comprehensive monograph

“When encountering the strange objects (sculptures, drawings, installations) made by Urs Fischer (*1973),” writes Beatrix Ruf, “a waterfall of quickly triggered words, memories, comparisons, reproduced knowledge, and understanding is combined with speechlessness. It is as if an Internet search engine had generated a massive number of hits leading to technical and mental breakdown, confronting the user with a simultaneity of information, styles, facts, and possibilities that are at first unmanageable.”

This book has been conceived by the artist as a cross-referencing of his process-related and “styleless” work through the arrangement of more than 600 images: reproductions of works, installation views, studio shots, and special features. Using all possible ordinary materials, Fischer creates non-hierarchical collages of objects and thoughts, high and low aesthetics, mundane and artistic memories, and personal and political interrogation.

The publication has been designed by Scipio Schneider in collaboration with the artist.

With contributions by New Museum Director of Special Exhibitions Massimiliano Gioni, Tate Curator Jessica Morgan, and “Parkett” Editor Bice Curiger.

Published with the New Museum, New York.