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Ziba de Weck Ardalan

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Nicola SuthorZiba de Weck Ardalan

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175 x 240 mm

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55 colors

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October 2006

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New monograph

Gathering a series of new paintings and works on paper, this book tries to capture the feelings and atmosphere emanating from the artist’s oeuvre. Kahrs manipulates found imagery garnered from films, newspapers, and personal photographs to depict human figures. Liberating images from their original meaning, Karhs re-establishes his initial fascination with the image by painting it in full detail. The compelling ambiguity evoked in these works is achieved through their characteristic dark and uncanny atmosphere. Johannes Kahrs provokes his audience with paintings and drawings of dramatic scenes and imagery in which fact and fiction collide and reality is manipulated into an intricate world of concealment and mystery.

Published with Parasol unit foundation for contemporary art, London.