Lady Luck

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Andro Wekua

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210 x 280 mm

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30 colors

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January 2008

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New paintings

Viewing the past as a spiral of infinite re-occurrence, Andro Wekua creates enigmatic tableaux questioning the intersections of history, memory, and fantasy. In the new paintings and collages included in this book, Wekua explores history as a chain of repeating events and emotions that both heightens a sense of dissociation even as it sustains one’s inner-life.

Many elements of Wekua’s formal language reappear throughout the various media he employs. Images that could be family snapshots or advertisements haunt the layers of his collages as the artist’s hand drowns them in color, traces attenuated facial features, and obliterates the composition with interlocking geometric shapes. The question lingers whether what is buried is lost, or purposefully hidden. Out of these collages emerge not just recurring images but also the basic formal grammar of Wekua’s visual world.

The publication, bound in linen, includes texts by the author.

Published with Gladstone Gallery, New York.