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April 2013

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Comprehensive monograph

Zofia Kulik and Przemyslaw Kwiek (KwieKulik) pioneered since the 1970s the transformation of artistic practice into social experimentation. KwieKulik sought to reconcile artistic praxis with everyday life, essentially basing on the premise that form is a fact of society. The couple’s pioneering approach to film, photography, and multi-screen slide projection epitomize their unique variation of expanded cinema. This comprehensive monograph, stemming from a long-term research project on the KwieKulik Archive, documents their collective works from 1971 to 1987, illuminating the radically unique position of the artists in the history of neo-avant-garde in Central Europe.

The book covers and documents more than 200 events, and includes a “KwieKulik Glossary,” the collection of concepts introduced and applied by the artists. The essays in the book are featuring excerpts from texts devoted to KwieKulik in the course of the last decades.

Published with the Museum of Modern Art, Warsaw, BWA Wroclaw-Galleries of Contemporary Art, ERSTE Foundation and The KwieKulik Archive, Warsaw-Lomianki.