John Baldessari & Naomi Shohan

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Monographs & Artists’ Books

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Cristina BechtlerDavid Campany

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Cristina BechtlerDavid CampanyJessica Morgan

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240 x 310 mm

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59 colors and 46 b/w

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January 2012

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An artists’ dialogue

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An artists' dialogue

“PA” is an artist’s magazine which is published annually. Each issue presents an in-depth look at the oeuvre of a contemporary artist working in the medium of photography. The artists are given the opportunity to invite a fellow artist of their choice to make a contribution to the issue and to engage in a dialogue about their practice.

American artist John Baldessari and film set designer Naomi Shohan created “PA” #3 presenting a unique combination: film stills from the outsider’s view—the artist’s take on Hollywood—and film stills from the insider’s view—the set designer who has worked on many major film productions such as “American Beauty,” “Constantine,” “The Replacement Killers,” “The Sorcerer’s Apprentice,” as well as many others. They engage in a visual dialogue and play with juxtapositions, correspondences, and contrasts, which add new surprising, ironic, and witty dimensions and narrations to the images.

The publication includes a conversation between John Baldessari and Naomi Shohan, moderated by Amy Cappellazzo, as well as texts by David Campany and Jessica Morgan.

Published with Cristina Bechtler in collaboration with Christie’s.