Early Video Works 1995–1997

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Stéphanie Moisdon

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Thomas Hirschhorn

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135 x 190 mm

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January 2013

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Video anthology

For Thomas Hirschhorn (b. 1957, Bern), video has always been a favored medium of expression. Since the early 1990s, he has created single video works, often using the camera to record actions, as well as making “integrated videos,” which are part of specific, three-dimensional sculptural works. His video oeuvre demonstrates the economy of means, the formal energy, and the direct strength, as well as the political and aesthetic conscience he has shown for 25 years in his work.

This unique anthology brings together 13 seminal video works made between 1995 and 1997—such as “Prince and Me,” “Lust For Live (Claudia),” “Robert Walser Video,” and “For Nelson Mandela (Biko).” It is edited and introduced by the French art critic and curator Stéphanie Moisdon, founder of bdv (bureau des vidéos) and one of his first supporters.

DVD Multizone, PAL/SECAM, 77 minutes.

Published in collaboration with ECAL, Lausanne.