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Véronique Yersin

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Carla DemierreGwilherm PerthuisLaurence SchmidlinMadeleine AmslerNathalie StrasserStefan ZweifelSuzanne Rivier

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247 x 318 mm

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100 colors and 89 b/w

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CHF60 / €38 / £25 / $55


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August 2008

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An iconic magazine

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An iconic magazine

This publication presents “Minotaure,” the iconic magazine edited in Paris by Albert Skira from 1933 to 1939. The first section of the book reproduces spreads from the original layouts, while the second concentrates on specific topics, such as the importance of Picasso on the development of the project, the significance of classical art in the different issues, or figures such as Breton and Bellmer. The reader is thus lead from Urs Graf to Manuel Alvarez Bravo, and from the Marquis de Sade to Surrealism. Beautifully designed and illustrated, this book attests a contemporary approach toward the historical material published in the magazine, as well as Albert Skira’s editorial project itself.

Published with the Cabinet des Estampes of the Musées d’Art et d’Histoire, Geneva.

Awarded in the competition “The most beautiful Swiss books 2008.”

Only available by les presses du réel. Limited stock.