Ils sont peintres

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Luca Cerizza

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Luca CerizzaVincent Pécoil

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140 x 185 mm

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33 colors

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January 2009

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They are painters

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They are painters

This project, rooted in the Parisian office of BSI, identifies an alternative to the overwhelming success of the figurative, neo-expressionist, and narrative waves that have run through painting in recent years. Painting, as considered here, avoids every illusionist and metaphorical possibility. It is a place to present rather than to represent, an object that exhibits itself in its own concrete form while at the same time questioning its condition and identity, in ways that can be as analytic as they are ironic. “Ils sont peintres” is about something that looks like painting but is not literally painting and indicates the possibility of addressing the medium, its history, language and parameters without really producing it.

The book is published by the commissioner BSI (Banca della Svizzera Italiana), as part of the BSI Art Collection series.

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