Ta dyo dwmatia

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Hapax Series

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Aristide Antonas

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105 x 165 mm

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39 colors

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January 2011

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The two rooms

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The two rooms

Commissioned by the DESTE Foundation, a member of the FACE Association (Foundation of Arts for a Contemporary Europe), Aristide Antonas, a renowned Greek author, drew his inspiration from Franz Kafka’s short story “Investigations of a Dog” (1922) to write “The Two Rooms.” This short story also echoes the artworks—reproduced in the book—by the 36 international artists of the touring exhibition “Investigations of a Dog” organized by FACE in 2009–2011. Four other short stories–especially written for the project by Jonas Hassen Khemiri, Rui Cardoso Martins, Emmanuelle Pagano, and Tiziano Scarpa—and an exhibition catalogue are published simultaneously.

Aristide Antonas (*1963) is a Greek architect and writer with a PhD in philosophy (Nanterre, Paris X). He started publishing his literary texts in the Greek magazine Mavro Mousio (Black Museum) using different pseudonyms. He has published the prose works “The Overseer,” “The Two Halves”, “The Triheaded”, “The Four Gardens” (published by Stigmi publishers), as well as the novels “The Handler”, “The Singer and the Couch” and “The Buildings” (published by Agra Publications in Athens). His theoretical texts and architectural designs are published online since 2006.

Published with FACE (Foundation of Arts for a Contemporary Europe).