Bimboplastie (Poolfiction & Beyond)

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Hapax Series

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Lionel Bovier

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Patrick Weidmann

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105 x 165 mm

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24 colors

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CHF18 / €10 / £7 / $15


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July 2007

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A literary experiment

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A literary experiment

“Bimboplastie” is a literary layering: sometimes experimental writing such as found in TXT, sometimes a cynical readers manual for ambient nonsense, sometimes a scenario for a meta-pornographic film, where Ballardian tropes, dazzling critics, and lexicographic wanderings mix.

“All art,” he wrote (unless it is about her, Blonde, the heroine of this short story), “consists of a social attitude toward words and a disobedience to phrases.” But the text is also a vector of mental images, confronted here with certain photographs by the author—a means of reclaiming the relation of the illustration and the text to the oeuvre and of reaffirming that all art consists of a social attitude toward images and a disobedience to the Great Texts.

Patrick Weidmann is an artist and author who lives in Geneva.

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