Timewave Zero

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Anthologies & Art Theory

Editor(s) :

Lionel BovierMai-Thu Perret

Author(s) :

Albert HofmannAlexander & Ann ShulginAngela BullochBrion GysinDiedrich DiederichsenJohn McCrackenJörg HeiserMai-Thu PerretMichel FoucaultSadie PlantTimothy Leary

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170 x 240 mm

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2 b/w

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CHF25 / €17 / £12 / $18


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Publication :

May 2001

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Modernist utopia of neutrality and the psychedelic moment

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Modernist utopia of neutrality and the psychedelic moment

The book attempts to foreground researches by scientists, scholars, artists, critics, and activists on drugs as a consciousnesss-expanding tool.

Like the exhibition it accompanied (“Timewave Zero/The Politics of Ecstasy,” Grazer Kunstverein, curated with Jean-Michel Wicker) which intended to draw attention to repressed modalities of perception from within the modernist stance of art history, the texts gathered here propose to remap the relation between viewer and cultural artefact, the primacy of the visual and the order of sensations, the utopia of neutrality and that of the psychedelic moment.