Hétérotopies / Heterotopias

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Anthologies & Art Theory

Editor(s) :

Lionel BovierMai-Thu Perret

Author(s) :

Beatriz ColominaJean-Charles MasseraMary McLeodMichel de CerteauMichel FoucaultÖyvind FahlströmRobert MorrisVito Acconci

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171 x 240 mm

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12 colors and 2 b/w

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CHF25 / €17 / £12 / $18


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Publication :

May 2000

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Conceived for “Xn00,” an exhibition at the Espace des Arts of Chalon-sur-Saône, this book brings together the artists’ projects produced for the show and a bilingual anthology of essays on the question of space. Works by Dominique Gonzalez-Foerster, Fabrice Gygi, Richard Hoeck, Klat, M/M, Daniel Roth, and Xavier Veilhan thus encounter texts by Vito Acconci, Beatriz Colomina, Michel de Certeau, Öyvind Falström, Michel Foucault, Jean-Charles Masséra, Mary McLeod, and Robert Morris.

The aim here is in fact to generate a crossover between two independent series—seven specific projects within the field of contemporary art and eight texts by philosophers, artists, architecture theorists, and a critic—around issues such as spatial politics of representation and identity, the public and the private, the space of art and culture, the memory of places and the inscription of remembrance, and the relations between utopia, heterotopias and the real. Hence to interrogate art and theory’s reciprocal ability to offer critical perspectives on our everyday environment.

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