Streamside Day Follies

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Monographs & Artists’ Books

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Lionel Bovier

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Clay Mcleod ChapmanPierre HuygheRirkrit TiravanijaTacita Dean

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190 x 235 mm

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May 2007

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The story of a celebration

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The story of a celebration

Based on a project created for the Dia Art Foundation in New York, the publication has been conceived and designed with the artist. “Streamside Day Follies” is a short fiction film opening with a bucolic idyll in an Edenic landscape—an evocation of historical representations of the Hudson Valley—tracing the formation of a burgeoning community hypothetically located in the valley today and closing by a celebration for this new suburban town. Huyghe’s multifaceted project employs a diverse range of cultural representations, garnered from 19th-century utopian social projects and Hollywood films, Disney animation and contemporary fiction writing, and romantic landscape painting, which fuse with an actual event: the celebration, boasting a parade, costumes, fireworks, etc.

The book includes contributions by Tacita Dean, Rirkrit Tiravanija, and Clay Mcleod Chapman.